Experience meets precision machining

At Stace-Allen, we’ve used Computer Numerical Control (CNC) lathes and CNC milling machines for years, but our experienced machinists delivered such high degrees of accuracy and consistency in grinding jobs that we never found a grinding machine to match their craftsmanship.

Over time, our machinist team—many of whom have been with our company since the 1970s—grew better and better at their craft, and customers began coming to Stace-Allen for grinding work as their own machinists retired. We realized that to better serve our customers we needed a way to put our machinists’ valuable skills to work at higher volumes. With the latest advances in CNC grinding, we finally felt we had a match for the type of precision machining we’re known for.   

Better accuracy; tighter tolerances

Our new CNC grinder delivers precision machining that meets or exceeds the results even the most expert machinist can deliver on a manual machine. We’re finding better accuracy, tighter tolerances, and greater consistency from part to part. And since we matched our machinists with a better tool, we’re able to deliver faster turn-around times on grinding jobs, too. 

Custom production runs

The increased accuracy and consistency also give Stace-Allen the ability to do unique custom projects. Now our shop can handle small-scale production runs of 50-1,000 parts, and the machine saves a program as a record of the work our expert machinists did, so the next time you need that part—even if the machinist has retired or changed jobs—we can deliver the same quality result.

The CNC grinder also works together with our CNC lathes and CNC milling, enabling us to create truly custom solutions that meet the most complicated requirements.

Programmed by our experts

Our skilled machinists add their knowledge to the CNC grinder’s software programs, passing their decades of experience along to newer workers, and effectively training them on the best ways to manage the feeds, speeds, and techniques that go into precision machining. Our newer machinists are learning faster, and getting better results, while our more experienced team continues to reach new levels of performance.

When you need precision engineering—and especially if you need it fast or at scale—the Stace-Allen team delivers better accuracy and consistency, now and for the future.