Installing custom workholding fixtures

If you’ve got engineers and machinists on staff, you might decide to have your own team install your custom workholding fixtures. At first glance, doing that might look like a savings.

But is keeping set up in-house really the best move?

While both of our teams have experience and expertise, your people are experts in your machines and processes, and ours are experts in custom workholding fixtures. As with process design, working together usually yields the best results.

Expertise on-site

When we set up and install one of our custom workholding fixtures, we chuck a part to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Often, a slight adjustment makes the difference between getting the right results and wasting an entire run.

Time & material savings

On the other hand, if your team installed the workholding fixture they might not know what caused the issue. Is it the chuck? The tools? What needs to be adjusted? Unfortunately, for many customers, this turns into a costly and time-consuming diagnostic effort and our team is finally called in for another service call—costing more in time and materials than the install line item.

Immediate results

Seeing potential issues and fixing them before they turn into costly problems is just one part of Stace Allen’s tribal knowledge. Our team has spent decades studying machine processes and designing custom workholding fixtures. We quickly and accurately spot and assess the minutest concerns during set up, so you get the tolerances and repeatability you need from the first run.

When it comes to your investment in custom workholding fixtures, professional installation is more than worth it. Get your new process off to the right start with an onsite set up from Stace-Allen.