How custom work chucks pay for themselves

A customer of ours came to us with an existing production process, wondering if custom work chucks would be worth the money. Since custom workholding often costs 20-40% more than off-the-shelf options, they needed to know for sure.

We made the case for our work with projections on speed and accuracy, but our customer also tracked the actuals. What they found might surprise you—the custom work chucks paid for themselves after only 74 units were produced.

89% faster

It used to take 180 minutes to manufacture each unit our customer made with this process. At that rate, it took 37.5 days to make just 100 units.

After adding custom work chucks, the customer couldn’t believe the time advantage. Work time was reduced to only 20 minutes per unit, saving 33.3 days per hundred units manufactured.

89% cheaper

Our customer used to spend $75.60 in labor costs for each unit produced. At 180 minutes per piece and $25 per hour, that added up fast.

With our custom work chucks came on the line, the time per piece fell to 20 minutes, reducing cost per piece to only $8.40.

Ongoing savings

When you’re manufacturing in any sort of volume, saving even a few seconds can make a big difference to your bottom line. Custom work chucks add value in multiple ways to deliver significant savings:

• More efficient machining
• Less waste
• Fewer errors
• Reduced maintenance downtime

Once our customer made the first 74 units, the savings paid for the entire custom work chucks project. After that, the difference was pure profit.

Find out how custom work chucks can deliver exponential savings to your manufacturing process. Our team brings decades of experience and deep expertise to every project, so you get better, faster results every time.