Changing a part? Here’s how to avoid delays.

If you’re looking for ways to shorten your time from design to manufacture, getting the right
information to the right people at the right time makes all the difference. As you think through
your process, don’t forget your workholding chucks. Whether you’re prioritizing speed, accuracy,
or profit margin, keep the team customizing your workholding chucks in the loop for the best
possible results.

When all your experts know the details of your operation, materials, and intended use, they can
combine their knowledge to improve your design, speed up your time to manufacture, and
deliver a better product.

Good communication yields better design.

Including outside teams—like the experienced custom workholding engineers at Stace-
Allen—as part of your design process not only improves your manufacturing, it can also help to
refine the part itself.

We refine our workholding chucks throughout the design process, as details evolve. Running
your product design and our workholding design on a parallel path gives you all the benefits of
our decades of experience. Our team often recommends process improvements and product
refinements that make a significant difference.

Timely communication accelerates the process.

You can bring us into your process at any point, from initial concept to a piece that’s already on
the line, but the earlier we start, the more time and cost savings you’ll see.

For example, if you make a change to the part after we’ve started manufacturing your approved
design, the timeline slips and we all lose money and man-hours.

On the other hand, when Stace-Allen joins your team earlier, we can adjust the workholding
chucks as you progress toward the final part, eliminating rework and delivering the right chuck

Thorough communication improves consistency.

As part of our process, we study your prototypes to determine the best way to hold the
materials. At that stage, it’s important to let us know what range of outputs you’re expecting.
Otherwise, when the incoming material is out of the range you specified, the workholding chuck
may require a complete redesign.

In any industry, good design often comes down to good communication. To get the best
possible results for your manufacturing process, keep in touch with Stace-Allen. We
work alongside your team to develop custom workholding chucks and offer valuable
insights that improve the speed, precision, and profitability of your process.